Care Instructions

Congratulations on your new “babies”!

Here are a few helpful tips to make sure that you start off the right track to growing your own medication.

  1. Clones are ready to be transplanted immediately into potting soil or other growing medium.
  2. We recommend 1 gallon nursery containers to begin with (transplant again as plant grows).
  3. Make sure that the top of the rock wool plug is planted 1- 2 inches beneath the soil.
  4. Only use quality potting soil from a nursery or indoor grow center. We do not recommend using soil found around your yard.
  5. Use a water filter that filters out Chlorine and Chloramine from your water. Any hardware store should carry an inexpensive filter that attaches to the end of a garden hose.
  6. For the first week, water every other day if using a 1 gallon pot. Make sure water flows out of holes at the bottom of the pot for a proper soaking.
  7. If growing outdoors, slowly acclimate the clones to full sunlight. They have only been under artificial lighting. Strong sunlight can damage the clone in the first few days.
  8. Only use quality fertilizers formulated for cannabis and your substrate (soil, coco, etc) from an indoor gardening center.
  9. Products such as “Roots Excelurator” from House and Garden can help prevent transplant shock.
  10. If growing outdoors, bring in at night and use supplemental lighting until June to help prevent early flowering.
  11. Avoid nighttime temperatures that dip below 55 degrees.